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Should Chip Kelly Go back to Oregon in 2017?

Once upon a time, the Oregon Ducks rose during the historic fall of The Mighty USC Trojans Post Carroll Era. They were fast, athletic, and the only defenses that could stop them were SEC caliber players. It has been 4 years since Chip Kelly became over-confident about his coaching abilities to leave the Pacific Northwest in search for greener pastures in the NFL. With 2 bowl wins and a BCS Championship Game appearance, Kelly believed that he could go into the NFL and change the culture. In 3 years during his controversial NFL tenure, Kelly is 27-25  with 1 playoff appearance which resulted in a loss to the New Orleans Saints. Listen America, coaches need to learn how to put away the pride and just be honest with themselves. All of these numerous National Sports Media Analyst are not always right. Life would be be better for a lot of these coaches if they just learn how to be honest with themselves. Just because you have success in college, does not mean you will have success in the NFL, and just because you have sucess in the NFL does not mean will you have success in college. Now, for some, it works out pretty well. Coaches like Jim Harbaugh and Pete Carroll see success on both levels. Then you have people like Nick Saban, Greg Schiano, Bobby Petrino, Jim Mora Jr, etc. where it doesn't work out well. Chip Kelly was truly revolutionizing the college football game during his tenure at Oregon. The jerseys was not the only thing that attracted viewers, but it was the quick tempo style of play. Kelly's Oregon team used to move so fast that oppsoing defenses started to fake injuries just so they can catch their breathe. Now after a bad stint in Philadelphia and as things are starting to unravel in San Francisco, Chip Kelly has an opportunity to admit that the NFL is not for him and go back to Oregon. Look at Bobby Petrino in Atlanta back in 2007; even though he was wrong for what he did, he realized in week 13 that the NFL was not for him. He was honest with himself and immediately left for Arkansas. Ever since he was honest with himself, he is now 64-31 in college football since 2008. For Chip, it's not really looking good in San Fran. He's currently in the mist of changing QBs with much conrtoversy. Also, many people still believe that he is racist based how he forced Eagles management to get rid of star African American players DeShaun Jackson & LeShaun McCoy and keeping racist White player Riley Cooper. Still in San Fran., still many people believe that he is racist based on the rumor that African American QB Colin Kaepernick did not start the season because he kneeled during the American pledge in protest for racial justice in America. Meanwhile in Oregon, life is not going good with Mark Helfrich on the hot seat. Oregon has never been the same ever since Chip left and 2017 would be the perfect opportunity for him to return back to the college game. A game where he can be "The Man" that he can not be amongst other grown men in then NFL. So what do you think America? Oregon will definitely not be in the College Football Playoffs and it's very unlikely that San Fran sees the NFL playoffs unless Kaepernick becomes heroic. Chip back to Oregon in January 2017? Yay or Nay?

Why Is Washington State QB Luke Falk Ignored?

On October 12, The USA Today wrote a piece on Luke Falk stating that he's no longer ignored, but is that entirely true? When people talk about the top QBs in College Football 2016, you hear names such as: Lamar Jackson, DeShaun Watson, J.T. Barrett, DeAndre Francois, Baker Mayfield, & Trevor Knight. Even fellow PAC 12 QB counterpart Jake Browning is given more praise from the National Media than Falk. Not to take away anything from these QBs listed, but America, if you want to see a QB that is a straight competitor and shows up to play every Saturday regardless of any circumstance, you need to start taking notice of Luke Falk. Now, all of College Football's top QBs in 2016 are competitive; however, there is something about Luke Falk that separates him from the pack. While the national media are forcing the people to believe the notion that UCLA's Josh Rosen & Washington's Jake Browning are the best QBs in the PAC 12, Luke Falk has outplayed those two guys last year and this year thus far. Now, I'm not about to go deep into numbers for you, for you can do that on your own. However; I'm here to let you know that Luke Falk is the best "NFL Ready" Quarterback in College Football 2016. Do you want to know why I say that? well, here's why:

He stands in the pocket and reads through the entire play

He makes sure each Wide Receiver runs through their routes. He just doesn't stand in the pocket for about 15 seconds and if he's see nothing he starts running. He stands in the pocket for as long as he can until he finds somebody open. That is one of out of the many things that makes a QB great. When you look at a QB as an Offensive Coordinator, you want to know if your QB is tough & patient enough to stay in the pocket until a receiver gets open. 

#2) He throws the ball in a direction where only the receiver can catch it

If you watched the Cougars recent victory over Stanford, there were few passes Falk made where he threw it in a direction where it was impossible for the Cardinal's DBs to touch the ball. Now the reason I say few is due to the fact that many Stanford DBs were just getting beat and lost on numerous passing plays in that game. Now, that was not the only game where this happened, go back and watch the Oregon, Eastern Washington, Idaho, & Boise State games. Falk knows how to put receivers in position to catch the ball and score touchdowns

#3) He puts up big numbers even in losses

If Mike Leach knew how to establish a running game that was consistently effective as the passing game, The Cougs would be undefeated right now. The only reason why The Cougs lost to Eastern Washington & Boise State was due to a lack of an effective running game. Now the running backs have to do better because they know they barely get to run the ball in Leach's system, so when the ball touches their hands they have to make to most out of their limited opportunities. Despite those losses, Luke Falk competed til the end. In those games, Falk completed 96 passes out of 122 attempts and threw for 898 yds with 8 TDs and 2 INTs. In just 2 games America! Don't be fooled, it takes most QBs about five to six games to throw for over 800 yds. and Falk just did it in 2 games, which were losses! If this doesn't sound like a great QB in the making, then I don't know what is. You barely hear about QBs who can throw for 400 plus yards in consecutive weeks in a losing result.

America, do not let the East Coast bias media fool you, and do not let the National Media's disdain for Mike Leach fool you. The man can coach, and he knows how to let QBs excel in his system. Luke Falk is the best "NFL Ready" QB not only in the PAC 12, but in college football. No QB in the Power 5 can match the numbers that Falk has put up so far this year and last year combined. Due to the fact that the Heisman is typically rewarded to the MVP of the SEC, and due to the fact that the media barely pays attention to PAC 12 football, Falk will be ignored and he won't even be in the talks for Heisman. However, whoever you are reading this. If you truly know about the game of football and want to see a true QB in action, Luke Falk is the man that you need to watch. If you are an NFL Official or Scout and you are looking for the top QBs of the 2017 NFL Draft, Luke Falk is the man that you need to watch. If you are an NFL team carrying a name of The Cleveland Browns, Detriot Lions, Chicago Bears, New York Jets, San Francisco 49ers, or Miami Dolphins, you might want to start making plans to watch this Saturday nights ESPN televised game of the UCLA-Washington State game. After you watch that game, it may be wise for you to start making plans to tank the rest of this season so you can draft Falk with the Overall #1 pick in the 2017 NFL Draft. If your name is ESPN College Gameday, you need to start making travel plans to the west coast in November, because there will be numerous QB duels when the Cougs take on California, Colorado, & Washington. This year's Apple Cup may go down as one of the best ever, because whoever wins this game will most likely be crowned as PAC 12 North King 2016. This Luke Falk guy is big time. He is phenomonial, and he is the most "NFL Ready" QB coming out of the Power 5. Now he doesn't line up under center at all in Leach's system, but instead of questioning will he be capable of playing under center, NFL Scouts should ask themselves, do we always have to be an offense that lines up under center? It's the year 2017, not 1869.

Thank you for reading and hope you enjoyed. I Am Mr. WhiteJack, writing out of the "Sweet Cannabis Aroma" of Denver, Colorado! Peace and love. 

Jim Mora Jr. On the Hot Seat?

Jim Mora Jr. is the reason why Josh Rosen is not living up to expectations. Since he started his Pac 12 career, time after time we hear the national media say he is a great Quarterback. Year in and out we hear the national media say Josh Rosen is the best Quarterback in the PAC 12. Every year we hear the national media say Rosen is going to dominate the PAC 12. Quite honestly, Josh Rosen has not been the best Quarterback in the conference since he took snap under center. Now let's break down some statistics here, because whether you want to believe it or not America, stats defines how good or how bad a player really is. A player is nothing without stats because stats shows the body of work produced. Now According to PAC 2015 football stats, Rosen was outplayed by numerous Quarterbacks in just about every Quarterback stat listed. In Passing Average Per Game, a stat which shows how consistent a Quarterback is throughout the season, Rosen was outplayed by Luke Falk (380.1), Jared Goff (363), and Mike Bercovici (297). Rosen was 282.2. In Pass Efficiency, Rosen was outplayed by 8 Quarterbacks in the conference as he was 134.3. In total Passing yards, he was outplayed again by Falk, Goff, and Bercovici; and last but not least, Rosen only threw 23 TDs behind 6 Quarterbacks in the conference. These stats does not show someone as the best Quarterback, it looks more as someone trying to catch up with the best Quarterbacks in the conference. You see America, what the national media needs to understand is that 

The PAC 12 is the Premier League of Quarterbacks 

You just can’t just watch SEC, BIG Ten, & NFL games all Saturday long, and then bring their standards to the PAC 12. It just won’t work, this upside talk would pass if we were talking SEC football, but in the PAC 12, as a Quarterback, you have to put your money where your mouth is. This “upside” talk won't generate any dollars in this league. Now, someone who is suppose to have great potential and not live up to it, the blame goes straight to the coach. However, before getting deep into that, let’s review Rosen in the early stages of the 2016 season. Now if the Texas A&M and Stanford games wasn’t any indication that he is overrated, then you’re not paying attention. In both games, the defense showed up. The defense gave Rosen an opportunity to take over both games, and he never did. According to PAC 12 stats, In 4 games, he’s 12th in Pass Efficiency, 7th in Total yardage (combined pass/run yardage), and 3rd in Pass yards per game. With a stellar defense, there is no excuse in why Rosen can’t win games that a potential high-caliber quarterback is supposed to. Such blame goes straight to coaching. The UCLA offense is similar to an LSU offense that led to the firing of Les Miles & Cam Cameron. The UCLA offense is too basic. There is nothing sophisticated about it at all. Defenses can read it before the ball snap and know what play is about to take place. What kind of coach is Jim Mora Jr.? and what has he done to receive the respect that he is getting from the national media? Ok, he’s a great recruiter, but the supposedly great players are not translating into championships. 

In 5 seasons, Jim Mora Jr. has never won a PAC 12 championship 

Also, when he was head coach in the NFL for the Atlanta Falcons, he couldn’t even coach Michael Vick. Why did he place a guy who has no quarterback background as an Offensive Coordinator? If you have a potential great Quarterback in Josh Rosen, wouldn’t it be wise to hire an offensive coordinator that will build the offense around the quarterback? 

The PAC 12 is a Quarterback league, not a BIG Ten Running Back league. 

This explains why UCLA runs the ball so much and is mediocre in the passing game. What makes Jim Mora Jr. so special that Clay Helton's seat is hot and his? So is it the last name that is causing his job to stay safe? This PAC 12 South is not a soft as outsiders may think. In the next 5 games, The Bruins play against Arizona, Arizona State, Washington State, Utah, and Colorado. All of these teams are playing better than UCLA and they can move the ball. If UCLA goes 1-4 or 0-5 in this stretch, Mora needs to be gone because there is too much hype behind his name and he has done nothing to deserve the hype. 

P.S. There's an Offensive Coordinator down in The SEC, who has revived his career and would love to return back to LA and shove it to USC's face annually like he did in that over-hyped game a couple weeks ago.

Thank you for reading and hope you enjoyed. I Am Mr. Whitejack. Peace

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