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It first started on opening kickoff weekend, when the ESPN's, ABC's, Kirk Herbstreit's & David Pollack's of the world tried to make people believe that this was going to be a big game in the history of college football. It also started with the AP or the football writers who know nothing about the game of college football by the way, put USC as a top 20 team. It started with the ignorant perception that USC would be a heavy favorite to win the PAC 12 South due to either laziness to do thorough research or total ignorance. Whoever thought that USC actually had a chance to beat Alabama should be banned from talking the game of college football for the rest of the season. Not only did Bama defeat USC, but they gave them an old fashion beat down smacking reality to USC that they are not the team that the National Media want them to be. Then there was week 2, where the Trojans defeated a Utah State team that is not even a contender in the Mountain West Conference. Some people were fooled and believed that USC still had their mojo and that the Alabama loss was just a fluke. America, USC would not have put up 52 points against the Top Dawgs of the Mountain West which are Boise State, Air Force, and San Diego State, who is by far the best college football team in Southern California. Yes, they are more talented than the UCLA Bruins. A team that is just talented on the defensive side of the ball. QB Josh Rosen is overrated, and he is not even a top 5 Quarterback in the PAC 12 by far. If you want to debate, go and compare his play to the likes of Davis Webb, Sefo Liufau, Luke Falk, Jake Browning, and Manny Wilkins. Rosen is not exceeding expectations due to his overhyped head coach whose proven nothing but just being a good recruiter; however, that is another story for another time. A lot of people do not pay attention to college football out west as it is, so when ESPN advertises a national televised USC game as if the game will be worth the time to watch, it is very deceptive and shows how ignorant they are when it comes to the game of college football. In week 3, ESPN and ABC again continued to walk in their ignorance in broadcasting a nationally televised game between The Trojans and the Stanford Cardinals. They made it seem as if The Trojans could possibly pull off an upset based on their victory over a cupcake Mountain West team. Once again, the Trojans showed their true colors as they were manhandled once again by a legitimate PAC 12 contender. Listen ESPN & ABC, it is true that America needs to see more of Christian McCaffery, but let Mr. Whitejack help you out and tell you the games that you should put McCaffery in the national spotlight since you're too lazy to do thorough research on PAC 12 Football.

Friday September 30: @Washington

Whoever wins this game will most likely win the PAC 12 North.

Saturday October 8th: Washington State

Do not be fooled with The Cougars losses to Eastern Washington & Boise State. EWU is similar to FCS Powerhouse North Dakota State and can pull off upsets like Appalachian State, while Boise State is that unwanted PAC 12 Foster child that can compete with any team out west. QB Luke Falk is the best Quarterback in Mike Leech's coaching career and despite those losses, Falk has thrown for over 1,100 yards with 11 TDs in just three weeks. Even though they are eliminated from The College Football Playoff Contention, The Cougars are still alive and well to compete for a PAC 12 North Title. This could be a potential upset as The Cardinals look ahead to lousy Notre Dame.

Saturday October 22: Colorado (Homecoming)

Stanford might have made a mistake scheduling their homecoming game against the Buffs. Oregon State would have been a better choice. It is obvious that The Cardinals have not bought into "The Rise of the Buffaloes." America, do not let that 45-28 defeat to Michigan fool you, if you paid close attention to the game that was aired on the BIG Ten Network, you would know that The Buffs was the more physical team on the football field. They started the game with a 21-7 lead; however, they are not as talented as The Wolverines to hold such lead. The Cardinals are not as talented as Michigan and it could be argued that if you game plan well against McCaffery to lessen his impact, Stanford is doomed. Now the Buffs lost 3 key players to injuries in the physical game against Michigan. LB Bill McCartney who returned a fumbled for a touchdown, kicker Diego Gonzalez, and starting QB Sefo Liufau whose been emerging as a potential comeback player of the year in the PAC 12. Depending on the future health of QB Sefo Liufau and how well Steven Montez could fill the potential void, The Buffs could pull off a historic upset victory in a game that could be a potential preview of The PAC 12 Championship game.

November 12: @Oregon

This could be the last year that an Oregon-Stanford match up determines a PAC 12 Champ. Washington, Washington State, California, Utah, Arizona State, & Colorado are on the rise.

November 19: @California

The QB-WR Tandem of Davis Webb & Chase Hansen competing on the same field against Christian McCaffery. Enough said.

If the national media (ESPN & ABC) did not know, The Pete Carroll and Reggie Bush Era ended over a decade ago. Stop fooling America with the false narrative that USC is the best team in The PAC 12. Also, stop saying that the PAC 12 needs USC to succeed in order for the conference to be relevant. The PAC 12 is bigger than USC. There are so many great Quarterbacks in this conference whose last name is not Rosen or Browne. There are so many explosive offenses in this conference that USC is no where near their level. Nobody in the PAC 12 fears USC anymore. This is not 2005, this is 2016 and The USC Trojans is the most disgraceful team in college football. America, the next time USC has a scheduled nationally televised game (Oct. 27), it must be boycotted. Do not waste America's Saturday evening with another USC game. Watching San Diego State's Donnell Pumphrey move up in the top 25 of total career rushing yards is way more interesting than a USC game.

Thank you for reading. Hope you enjoyed. I AM Mr. Whitejack. Peace.

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The football writers who are influential in ranking college football teams need to lose that privilege immediately. A team that was ranked 18 moved into the top 10 just because they beat a North Carolina team who is not a College Football Playoff contender. This is also a team that has underachieved every year in the past 10 seasons. The Georgia Bulldog offense is not hard to defend, for they are very predictable. If the opposing defense stops the run, the Bulldog offense will remain stagnant. Yes, Nick Chubb is a top 5 college running back; however, you can only run him so much before he runs out of gas which caused him not to play the whole season. This was a similar situation during the Todd Gurley Era. He ran the ball so much during the course of his career that eventually led to a torn ACL. What the Bulldogs fail to realize is that having a good running back does not equate to a championship without a balanced Offensive attack. The Bulldogs moving up to the top 10 is based on this old notion that the SEC is the best conference in college football. There is no best conference in college football for there is an even playing field now, and as for the SEC, the only championship caliber team in the conference is Alabama. America, you need to realize that the SEC East is the most disgraceful division in college football. When you are located in a region that is home to high school football powerhouses in Georgia & Florida and still can't take down Alabama, that is a big disgrace. Every year the AP Poll puts The Bulldogs in the Top 10 and then when it's time to play an overrated ESPN televised game against a SEC opponent, the Bulldogs show their true colors and prove to the nation that they are not as good as they "think" they are. The Bulldogs are not better than any of the teams that they are ranked ahead of, and they should have never been ranked to begin with. The North Carolina game was much closer than what the nation thinks as the Bulldogs are slightly better thanks to Nick Chubb. America, you continue to allow the Bulldogs to fool you every year with this notion that they are a powerful bunch. Year after year they underachieve in games that matter most. Last year's Alabama game should have finally made you realize that the Bulldogs is not a top tier college football program. Well, looks like you will be deceived again until September 24.

P.S. Now it's the time for the AP to find football writers who really knows the game of college football. These current writers and their rankings have been way out-of-bounds since their first release of the polls. LSU and Notre Dame should have never started the season in the Top 10, Texas and Wisconsin are not Top 15 teams, it's way too early to put Miami in the top 25 after a winnable game against Florida A&M, etc. The College Football Playoff Committee needs to take control of the polls from the start of the season to the end because the current members of the AP do not know anything about the game of college football.

Thank you for reading. I Am Mr. Whitejack. Peace.

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If LSU was a dysfunctional football program, then Les Miles should be on the hot seat. If the players never play hard in football games, then Les Miles should be on the hot seat. If LSU can not recruit top caliber high school football players, then Miles should be on the hot seat. In 11 seasons, Miles never had a losing season in Baton Rouge. As a matter of fact, the last time that Miles had a losing season as a Head Coach in College Football was in 2001 at Oklahoma State. If you pay close attention to LSU football, you see how hard the players play for Miles. You see how much passion and pride they have for the program. You see how much respect they have for Miles. A man that have done so much for the university does not deserve to be on the hot seat, especially when he has one of the best defenses in the country every year. Les Miles is not the problem and he should not have been on the hot seat last year and he shouldn't be on it after Week 1's loss  to Wisconsin. The person that should be on the hot seat is Offensive Coordinator Cam Cameron and QB Brandon Harris for Honorable Mention. Cameron is supposed to be this highly known former NFL Coach who has a lot of knowledge for the game of football. Look America, now is the time to stop this notion that any coach with NFL experience will be great in the college football game. Just because a coach has NFL experience does not guarantee that he will be a great college coach. The NFL and College Football are two different leagues. Two different leagues mean two different cultures. Cam Cameron and his Pro-style approach is not working for the offense overall. Yes, Leonard Fournette is a good Running Back, but it is not hard for opposing Defensive Coordinators to game plan against him as long as he has players who can man up and match Fournette's physicality, which Wisconsin did in Week 1, and which Alabama does every year. Instead of giving Cameron a pay cut, miles should have fired him immediately after the season ended. Cam Cameron is the problem, because when defenses find a way to stop Fournette, Cameron does not have a plan B. The blame for not having a plan B does not only lie on Cameron, it also goes to QB Brandon Harris who does not need to see the field for rest of his LSU days. It may be good for him to transfer down to South Alabama or Georgia State. In an age where there are Freshmen Quarterbacks such as Deondre Francois, Jacob Eason, Jalen Hurts, etc. playing well, Brandon Harris has no excuse for not playing well. He does not even have to do much because Leonard Fournette is the workhorse of the offense. When the camera showed him crying on the sideline after throwing an interception in the 4th Quarter, America that should have given you a sign that he can't handle the pressure of being a Quarterback in The Power 5 College Football League. If Les Miles gets fired instead of Cam Cameron and Brandon Harris, that will be the dumbest decision made in the history of College Football and LSU will forever regret making such decision.

Thank you for reading, I Am Mr. Whitejack. Peace

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